The “Goal” To-do List

Does your daily to-do list reflect your life goals?

A goal is defined as the “object of a person’s ambition”. For me, it’s the bigger picture, the journey, the result of mini-goals culminating into that dream, the effort leading to accomplishment.

The goal to-do list isn’t an endless succession of daily, run of the mill to-dos. If they were, we’d be busy but not accomplishing much in the way of our dreams. Daily to-dos will be things that need to get done to manage life – run to the grocery store, do a load of laundry, deposit check at the bank, go to the post office, etc. While all of these things are necessary, they do not really reflect the pursuit of my life goals. That’s why a goal to-do list is needed.

Some inserts have space where daily goal to-do lists can be planned on the page, on a separate notes page, or by simply adding a post-it to your daily or weekly sheet. Even a little DIY on a blank sheet will do the trick.

The point is that we already have the tools we need in order to incorporate this idea into our daily plans.

Once a goal is established, the efforts toward reaching it must be tracked. Yearly calendars are a great way to track your progress and plan future tasks related to your goal. I keep one in my personal Filofax to track my exercise goals and progress.

Distinguish your goals from your regular to-do list entries and resolve to use the remaining days of 2013 working toward the object of your ambition. 🙂