A Game Plan Beats A “Planner Fail” Every Day of the Week

A game plan is a “strategy devised before or used during an event”. I’ve had some pretty good game plans right before an event or in the moment. It can be exhilarating and nerve racking at the same time especially when there is actually something significant on the line. It certainly keeps things interesting and it works for me because I like to think that I’m pretty good on my feet. We can adapt this way of thinking to how we go about planning our days when life interrupts our neatly devised to-do list; allowing the initial angst to lead to some sort of calm.

Sometimes we do not have the luxury or the benefit of a lot of time to plan out the day or week. Sometimes we need a quick and dirty strategy to get through the day or any portion thereof. We need a game plan that will help to maximize the time we do have to get the most done, the best possible outcome given the situation.

That means no color-coding, no special inserts, no special symbols and certainly no decorating required – or allowed! I am not knocking any of that because when time permits, I work my system. But I think sometimes we are too hard on ourselves when we don’t get things done and these are some of the things that can get in the way of an effective game plan and lead you straight into planner fail.

You’ll likely run into potential planner fail when life interrupts – when something occurs out of the blue and causes you to deviate from your planned to-do list. When this happens, grab a blank sheet of paper and hash out a game plan so that the day doesn’t completely get away from you. Prioritize, shuffle things around, and don’t feel guilty about what must wait for another day. In some cases, the game plan is that it ALL must wait until another day.

Game Plan

Game Plan

Having a game plan beats a planner fail every day of the week because if you can be adaptable, and flexible it will alleviate an otherwise stressful situation, allow you to focus on absolute priorities (not lofty aspirational to-dos), and salvage part of your day.