Franklin Covey: Her Point of View Weekly Inserts for Filofax

I generally would not do a product review after such a short period of time but here goes…

I recently received the Franklin Covey Her Point of View Weekly Inserts and I am using them in my Filofax. I wanted to “live” with them for a while however, I think I’ve seen enough! These inserts are great! As I said in my previous post, I trimmed them to fit inside of my personal size Aston Filofax. The color scheme is pretty and the designs are whimsical. The days are lined, which makes for keeping things neat and easy to find. The week starts on Monday and ends with Saturday and Sunday (this block is split).

Franklin Covey HPOV Weekly Inserts (trimmed and punched)

Franklin Covey HPOV Weekly Inserts (trimmed and punched)

FC Weekly Inserts

FC Weekly Inserts

Each day block has a fine line going down the middle. You can use one side for personal tasks or school assignments and the other for business; or one side for personal to-dos and the other for tracking water intake, medications, exercise, food journal, etc. There are note sections at the bottom of each page for additional recording of important events, reminders, tracking, inspirational quotes, or gratitude. There are lots of options! The layout contains reference calendars for the prior and upcoming months as well as quotes for each week.

The weekly insert pages are not thick like the monthly pages. However, I have used several different pens on the weekly pages and have yet to experience any bleed through or show through. For example, I have used the Papermate Flairs, Sharpie pens, Recollections pens, Le Pens, and the Staedtler Triplus Fineliners. This is a nice feature because you don’t have to be so particular with the instrument you select to use in your planner.

I also have the monthly inserts and I interleafed the weekly and monthly pages. This works out nicely. I think it would work just as fine if you kept both inserts separated; it’s all a matter of preference in how you set-up your planner. The weekly inserts come with coordinating ‘Notes’ pages in between the months.

These are my inserts for next year. I plan to use another set of these for work. There is no need for me to search any further. Simple.

They can be purchased here on the Franklin Covey site.