Franklin Covey Her Point of View Weekly Inserts for Filofax

Yesterday, I posted a review of the Franklin Covey Her Point of View monthly inserts to show how I’ve been using them for the last few months. I received the weekly inserts from the same collection last evening and wanted to show a preliminary look at how I prepared them for my Filofax. I can’t really do a review since I just received them however, I will update this post (or do a new one) once I’ve had a chance to “live” with them for a little while.

As I did with the monthly inserts, I trimmed off the holes (about 1/4 in.) and punched them for my Filofax. They are also lined, have whimsical designs, and pretty colors. I really like these inserts! Now, that I’ve found the pages that I will be using for 2014, I can really focus on the actual planning – to-dos, goal setting, etc., which is the reason we use these things in the first place. 😉



6 thoughts on “Franklin Covey Her Point of View Weekly Inserts for Filofax

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  2. I am buying FC 2014 inserts just for the extra space, you’re doing the cutting! Surprised! Is it because of tge ff binder? I’m actually buying FC binder also! 🙂

    • Ha! Yes, they stick out of my Aston Filofax. If I didn’t trim them they’d also interfere with the pen loop. If I had an FC binder, I would have left them as is. I also use a journal with my planner so I don’t really miss the space I need to write things. 🙂

    • Clara, the compact size FC insert tabs tend to stick out of most personal size Filofaxes, however the personal size Malden *kind of* accommodates them, with just a small amount of tab hangover. The compact FC inserts are a full 1/2″ wider than Filofax inserts. I personally like the extra space, so I plan to use them in my Malden, or one of my compact FC binders which are designed to fit them.

    • I have a DayTimer Malibu and considered using the HPOV inserts in it for work. I figured they would fit nicely but nice to have that confirmed.

      Thank you for stopping by!

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