Product Review: Franklin Covey Her Point of View Monthly Inserts

I use the Franklin Covey Her Point of View monthly inserts in my personal size Aston Filofax. The Franklin Covey pages are a little wider than the Filofax pages so I trimmed down about ¼ inch and re-punched the pages. Some people use them without trimming however, the pages would interfere with the pen loop and stick out of my Filofax. It may depend on the Filofax you use that determines whether you need or want to trim them.

Monthly Tabs

Monthly Tabs

The calendar runs from July 2013 to June 2014. The designs are whimsical and colorful, yet clean and functional. The monthly spread is a month on two pages. It starts on Sunday and has a notes section after the Saturday column. The individual days are lined with enough space to record events, bill pay, work schedules, school schedules, appointments, and other notes.

Monthly View

Monthly View

TIP: Since the space is limited for a personal size, I use small stickers or drawn in symbols to track certain things. For instance, I track workouts with the hearts – I am concerned about my heart health and thought it was nicer than writing “gym”.  All of the hearts are in the same corner of each box in which they appear. I think that kind of consistency makes it easier to see tracked items as you start to fill up your pages. Consider appointments at the top, bills at the bottom, tracked items in the corners, etc.

Each month has an index to record certain events (on the right in the below picture). I use it and think it’s a great tool that works like a quick reference or “hot” sheet. I record such things as my license renewal, important phone calls or mailings, appointments, and project steps (for project planning).

At the end of each month is a master task list for personal and business tasks (on the left in the below picture). I think I could do a better job at using this going forward. I have a few tasks and goals listed here however, I think a better use of this section would be to clearly define monthly goals with perhaps the more important or substantive tasks, and long-term planning.

Monthly Tasks and Index

Monthly Tasks and Index

I have the whole year in my planner because I have the space. The paper is pretty thick and there’s no bleed through or show through with most gel, felt tip, specialty, and ball point pens that are in my stash. Even lighter color Sharpie permanent markers have very little show through whereas with Filofax paper, Sharpie permanent markers are a disaster.

I will soon start using the weekly inserts from this collection and these will be my inserts for 2014. I like them that much!


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