Yearly Calendars for Tracking and Future Planning

Using a yearly calendar is one way to track and plan for many things like:

  • Goals
  • Vacation schedules of family members
  • School closing dates
  • Work schedules
  • Exercise
  • Weight loss
  • Water intake
  • Exam and school assignment schedules
  • Projects for home and work

You can get a year at a glance view and it’s a great way to see an overlap of the things that you are tracking or planning; it gives you the “bigger picture”. For instance, a calendar with all school schedules, work schedules, and hard appointments, will allow you to see when the family is all together and available to make vacation or family outing plans without consulting multiple pages.

I use a yearly calendar to track my exercise and fitness goals. I use a key at the bottom left corner of the calendar to distinguish between the types of exercises I do – cardio vs. strength training or other kind of activity that I would like to track. This tool is meant to keep me motivated and to see my progress over a greater period of time.

Exercise Tracker

Exercise Tracker

Exercise Tracker 2

  Exercise Tracker 2

The one I use was printed from under the file “Diary Inserts”. I changed up the fonts a bit, printed it on purple paper to find it more easily in my planner (no tabs for dividers needed). I then trimmed, punched and Z-folded it for my personal Filofax.

I would suggest that if you are tracking multiple items use lines that are different colors even if you’re not really into color coding. It makes it easier to see the various things being tracked.

The butterflies and flowers are optional. 🙂



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