My Collection: The Tower

This is my “collection” of planners. They have been collected over many years. I have purchased some, been given some, won one in a giveaway, and the cute pink one in the clear binder belongs to my niece. 🙂


The TowerI inadvertently have a collection. Frankly, it’s too many.  Among the planners here are the brands Filofax, At-a-Glance, Arc, Punctuate, Ordning & Reda, Day Timer, Coach, Quo Vadis, and a couple more. I took this photo for a photo-a-day challenge. I did not realize how many I had accumulated over the years until I had to put them all together.

The never ending question for those with such “collections” is, for what purpose will they be used? While I use a few books at a time for various purposes, there is no real effective way to use them all at once. As I continue to post, I’ll go into more detail about how I use the ones that I do use. Until then, suffice it to say, I see the Tower getting slightly smaller in the near future.

What does your collection look like?


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