Increased Productivity: The Errand Dashboard

A dashboard is a page in the front or near the front of your planner where you keep important information, items to which you need immediate access. A dashboard might look something like this:


I like my dashboards to be interesting or pleasing to look at when I open my planner so I generally keep my notes on another dashboard a few pages into my planner. I also do this because I do not like for people to see all of my notes if I’m at the register or other place where it could be easily seen. I do not want any random person to see that I need to pick up milk or something more private. Placing my errand dashboard a few pages into my planner helps to maintain the mystery that is me. 🙂 Seriously though, it does help to maintain some privacy.

I created my errand dashboard by determining which places I frequent the most. I made labels for each place and another label for “Other” in case I need to run somewhere different than the usual places. Of course, you can make as many categories as you like however, I wanted mine to fit on one page of my personal Filofax.  I then place post-its or sticky notes on my errand dashboard – one for each category. I use a clear sheet but a solid sheet of paper would work as well. I keep a running list of the things that I need to pick up while I am out of the house.  My errand dashboard looks like this:

Errand Dashboard

Errand Dashboard

Where I live many of the stores are located within a mile or so of one another so planning out my trip this way is a huge help to remember what I need, and from which places. It also saves on gas because I keep this running list until it is necessary for me to go on a run, thus reducing trips to the store and get more done. The post-its make it convenient to switch out the lists with new ones or to take them with you into the store.

Easy breezy…



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